Developed in the “Prague School” of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine, DNS is a movement-based style of rehab that integrates brain plasticity, body mechanics and the neurological matrix to address chronic pain conditions and enhance performance in training. Through gentle exercises and neurological stimulation, DNS focuses on building stability in the body to promote optimal mobility.

The focus of complex rehabilitation, and in particular DNS, consists in looking at how the body moves from “within” to help identify injuries, weaknesses and pain mechanisms that may be holding you back. DNS is used by many elite athletes around the world as their go-to technique to prime their body and excel at their sport.
Whether you are recovering from an injury or want to push your body harder when you train, or you just wish to move freely and spring out of bed in the morning, DNS and functional rehab are all about developing skill sets and knowledge to better understand how to use your body as you move forward towards a better version of you.

Dr Brett Lillie is a certified DNS practitioner with more than a decade experience. He has studied under Prof Karel Lewit (considered the grandfather of musculoskeletal medicine), Prof Vladimir Janda, Prof Frantisek Vele and Prof Pavel Kolar, who has developed the DNS rehab approach.

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