One of the regular questions patients ask at Chirolife Chiropractic is around the need for ongoing treatment.

What are the some factors that may determine ongoing treatment?

Generally speaking, the number of treatments varies from patient to patient and can depend on a range of factors such as

  • your presenting complaint;
  • your health;
  • your lifestyle habits; and
  • how well you have looked after yourself over the course of your life.

Some people visit a chiropractor to help them get out of pain a quickly as possible, often known as 'relief care', and is a process that usually doesn’t take too long.

Some clients come to Chirolife Chiropractic with long term damage, which may take longer to find relief with. This often requires regular treatments on a longer term basis in order to keep optimal mobility and pain management.

More about Chiropractic Care and ongoing treatment

It's important to also note that many people through out Hobart and Tasmania utilise chiropractic care in another way.

This additional care could be in the form of 'wellness care' with the aim of enhancing their health and prevent future damage. This type of chiropractic care is often easier and more beneficial for the body to maintain wellbeing rather than to try and fix it when something goes wrong.

At Chirolife Hobart, our Chiropractor will give you a schedule of recommended care - and we believe that consistency is the key to building on the good work done in the treatments before. However, this is always your decision as to how long you wish to benefit from chiropractic care.

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